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           AR-15 Carbine Class! 
How many people have gone out and purchased an AR-15 Carbine?  Now what? Do you know how it works? Its abilities?  It’s down falls?  How do I clean this darn thing?  Come out and spend a day with our trained instructors and increase your skill level with this firearm. 
Course Description:  This comprehensive class will cover zeroing in, sight offset, and clearing malfunctions.  We will work on different shooting positions, reloading under stress and how to maintain and clean your firearm.  We will shoot from 20 yards out to 100 yards.  Class limited to 10 students.  $200
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My musings:

Life has been relatively quiet since we have had a new Commander-in-Chief. The economy has gotten better and people aren't in such a panic over having their rights taken away. 

Should we enjoy this false sense of security and soak up the stillness or should we be keeping the mindset that the world hasn't changed? That crime continues to spiral downward, and the need to defend ourselves hasn't gone away..

All it takes is for one crazy person to do something stupid and our world is rocked again. The only constant is the confidence we build in ourselves to be prepared.

Are you?