Everyone's wearing Paracord Bracelets nowadays. Do you? Have you really thought about all the ways this little item is useful? I've compiled some things you may not have thought of...

Uses For Paracord Bracelets:
1.Tarp ridge lines
2.Securing your gear
3.An extra pair of boot laces
4.When you are deep woods camping, use it to hang your food in a tree and out of reach of bears
5.Use it as a tie down for your truck or vehicle
6.Fixing broken equipment such as backpacks or gear bags
7.Use it with a handmade fire bow
8.550 cord is often used by fishermen for long line fishing
9.Individual strands can be used as fishing line
10.      String for a Bow and arrow
11.      Tying Shelter
12.      Woven into a fishing net or toss net for fishing
13.      Making snares for animals
14.      A clothes line to hang your gear on to dry and air out
15.      Key chain lanyard
16.      Anchor line for your boat
17.      Replacing drawstrings in yr packs and bags
18.      Animal restraint, aka a dog leash
19.      Use as a tourniquet
20.      Use inner strands to mend fabric
21.      Make a splint for a broken limb
22.      Hang game for drying
23.      Make a perimeter trip line for warning
24.      Make or hold a hammock
25.      Whip
26.      Improvise a seat  by lashing a long log horizontally to 2 trees
27.      Perimeter trip wires (attach to tin cans or anything to make noise)
28.      Watch strap
29.      Carry gear on your back when you don’t have a rucksack
30.      A platypus hose cleaner(by tying granny knots in it and pulling it through.
31.      Tie house keys to forgetful children.
32.      A standby strop….  for polishing a razor
33.      A skipping rope for kids (needs a heavy knot in middle)
34.      Hang mesh frames for propagating plants in greenhouse.
35.      Rudimentary swing for the kids as and when they become bored.
36.      Tie on to a sled so you can drag it during the heavy snow.
37.      Hang a light over the designated latrine for night times
38.      Replace a snapped pull string on older lights.
39.      Use as strap wrench or Spanish windlass
40.      Improvised bore snake for cleaning a firearm
41.      Pull cord for chain saw
42.      Pull cord for boat engine
43.      Pull cord for lawn mower/ weed eater
44.      To wrap a mini maglite handle for grip
45.      For lowering equipment/packs down cliff edges.
46.      Hanging a kill or your rucksack out of reach of animals at night
47.      Mooring your boat to a dock
48.      Teaching yourself to tie lifesaving knots
49.      Use it to collect water ( tie a knot and place inside a plastic bottle, hang from a rock or damp surface 
           area and the water will collect on the cord and drip into the bottle)
50.      Help climb a tree, place around the tree to add more grip
51.      Use it to make improvised snow shoes
52.      Make a sling for killing small animals
53.      Create trot lines for fishing
54.      Create a gill net for fishing 
55.      Lash together multiple pieces for a stronger cord
56.Making rope ladders
57.Just general attachment needs
58.Take it apart and floss your teeth with the smaller strands
59.Sling for gear or weapons
60.Brighter colored paracord acts as a marker to mark trails
61.On knives it can help you find it if it was thrown but didn't stick in to the intended target
62.Prisoner restraints
63.Belt or suspenders
64.Rig a pulley system
65.Tie yrself to your buddy
66.Make a pack by first making a netting, then a drawstring
67.Lash logs for a raft
68.Tie snow shoes
69.Make a sling for arm injury
70.Fish stringer
71.Lash to make stretcher
72.Sew up a wound using internal strands
73. Makeshift weapon sling
74.Handle wrapping, for any tool or knife
75.Tie a chemlight to a piece and you can use it as a signaling device by swinging it in a circle 
76.Make a hatchet holster
77.Zipper pull
78.Making a spear by tying knife to stick
79.Shredding the fibers w/ a knife, used as tinder
80.Shoelaces (or lace yr boots ahead of time w/ it, and you will always have extra!)

Paracord Uses