Topics covered during course: 

- Safety 
- Rifle Marksmanship and Ballistics
- Weapons Handling 
- Weapons Rigging and Accessories 
- Carbine Theory - Malfunctions  
- Shooting Positions 
- Support Side Shooting
Maintenance and Cleaning

Class dates: Oct 27, 2013

Cost: $200 

Location: Quinton Sportsman's club
Weapon & Gear Class Requirements:
- Serviceable 5.56 rifle
-400 rounds of ammo (If you are unable to find ammo, let us know)
- Minimum of 4,15rd magazines and equipment to carry them in an operational configuration (belt, vest, or Shell carrier)
- Eyes and ears (clear or yellow lens and normal sunglasses tint)
- one or two point sling
- Weather appropriate attire
-cleaning equipment
-old towel

AR-15 Carbine Class!  10/27/2013