Have a concealed carry permit?  Now what?  This class will get you ready to safely carry a concealed firearm and prepare you in the event you will find yourself needing to use it.  This class will contain live fire drills to make you more proficent with a handgun. 

This class will include 2 hours of classroom training and approximately 6 to 8 hours range work.

We will cover the following areas:Things needed for the class:

Range Safety  Handgun
Kinesthetic Awareness  Outside the waistband holster
Holsters   Two extra mags or speed loader
Drawing and Re-holstering from a holster  300 rounds factory ammo
Engaging a Threat   Eye and Ear protection
Cover and Concealment Clothing to cover concealed firearm
Combat reloading/malfunctions    Hat
Response to a Shooting

Pre-requirements:  NRA Basic Pistol  / or
                          Checked out by instructor prior to class                                                       

*If paying only deposit, $150 balance is due day of class.

Concealed Carry Practical Class
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