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            Most frequently asked questions about the
           Utah Concealed Carry Permit:

1.Is this Permit good in New Jersey? No, The Utah CFP is  
          not good in New Jersey at this time.  it is good in 34 other   
          states including Delaware and Pennsylvania.

2.Do I have to be a resident of Utah?  No, you do not have to
           be a resident of Utah.  This is a non resident permit.

3.Do I have to have New Jersey firearms ID card or Pistol
         Permit to qualify to receive the Utah CFP? You do not need
         any New Jersey id’s or permits.  We, AIS, require you to
         provide a valid photo ID for the finger printing portion of the

4.How long does the Utah CFP last?  The Utah CFP lasts 5
         years. You will receive notification from Utah prior to your
         permit expiring.  You can download the form online, fill it out
         yourself, and mail it in with $15.00. No further classes are
         required at this time.

5.      Once I take the class, how long do I have to mail in my
         application to Utah? You will have 365 days from the time 
         you attend the class, before you application expires. After 365  
         days, you will have to retake the class.

6.How long does it take for me to receive my permit?  The 
          state of Utah prides itself on following its' laws and regulations.            You will receive your permit within 60 days.

7.Am I still eligible to receive a Utah CFP if I have had a 
          DWI or minor legal troubles? Yes, you still may be eligible if
          you have had prior legal trouble. You will have to attach a brief
          explanation of the incident, approximate date and year, and it
          will be up to their discretion if they feel you are eligible for a 
          Utah CFP.  We have had several clients who have had past 
          history and were granted permits.

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