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New PTC Paperwork

New Jersey updated CCW Guidelines July 2023: As a young Trooper in the State Police, I was told “Change is good!” No matter how crazy or against common sense, we were told change was good. Change has come to the NJ CCW world. At this time if you have received your NJ CCW and it was through taking a class with AIS, we are being told that you have met or have exceeded the new requirements. You have to do nothing. Our recommendation is for you to go to the website. Click on “Firearms” and go to downloadable forms. Download and Print out the new PTC Use of Force and Qualification paperwork. Read it and know the new “Use of Force Interim Training for Private Citizen Concealed Carry” You will be legally held under these new and interim regulations. If you have taken an NJ CCW class from another instructor and they did not cover firearms safety and deadly force, you will have to take this. At this time, we have not been told how it is to be documented and how it is to be properly turned in to your local police department or State Police.

On a more positive note, it looks like the next time you apply for your CCW, it is all online through the NJSP website! We hope this will streamline and quicken the process. Please reach out if you have any questions!

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