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Range Prep

Updated: May 11, 2023

So, like any other day that I am heading to the range, I grab my range bag which is filled with all my gear, (eyes, ears, targets, stapler, staples, push pins, and other stuff I may need but never use), box of ammo or two, and the firearm of choice. Drive to the range with excitement and anticipation. Hop out, grab my gear, post my targets, load my firearm, blow through some mag’s, then head home. I have only accomplished one thing, blowing through my ammo without learning a thing, or becoming competent in any firearm skills. So, what could I have done different on this trip to the range? One, come up with a game plan before I left home. There is no problem with just blowing off some steam, as well as blowing through some ammo. “An empty gun is a happy gun”, has always been my motto. But this trip to the range I want to become more proficient in a skill, ie, combat reloading, speed shooting, multi target acquisition, etc. So next time, I will grab a piece of paper and write out my game plan for the range before I leave home. This way, when I get there, I just won’t blow off a bunch of rounds. Two, I can take a partner with me. Get a roll of butcher paper or a large paper table cloth and cut it up into a three by four foot section. Draw shapes or numbers on the paper. Have a partner call out the shape or number and practice shooting at the called out target as quick and as accurately as you can.

Make your visit to the range worth the trip!

container of empty casings

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